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Sunday, April 6, 2014


I often think of a family story that I can’t quite remember the details and think oh I so wish I could ask Mom about that --I should have written that down. She raised us with lots of family stories.

Yesterday when we had the girls I was thinking about the family stories I tell them about their Mommy and Uncle Marshall – I thought about how I’m the keeper of the of our family stories
– I  blog something I don’t want to forget  –I call it my electronic scrap book – sometimes it’s an impression God gives me as I go about my routine – 
or it’s pictures of family and the rush of love and blessing I feel when I look at them-
stories for my children and grand children 
in which I want our children and grands to see how our core values of faith and family comes together to create their spiritual legacy

Passover. I love to study this special feast that began when Israel was in Egyptian Bondage – In Jewish families the stories of the Lord are told and passed down by the parents.   
Over and over the stories of their faith are retold to their children. 

 Passover and the final exit from Egypt was one of those most often told at this time of year.   
Tradition has the youngest child asking 
the leading question about this meal
When Jesus put this small meal together  for the last time here on earth– he was looking at his favorite and closest people – he was looking at those to whom he was passing the legacy 
in a word he was saying --“Here’s what my life was REALLY all about.”

They were told to keep the feast or this ordinance for generations --- Jesus brought the Passover and the Lord’s Communion together. 
As he served up the perfect lamb that last Passover – he knew he WAS soon to BE the PERFECT LAMB.

What must have gone through his mind as he looked ahead to the coming hours?

Ø It took a death to observe this feast
Ø (It was about the blood)
Ø It was to be done regularly
Ø And kept forever
Ø It was done with careful introspection
Ø It was all about a lamb – as HE broke the bread HE knew he was the lamb
Ø He did it in the presence of his most loved
Ø It marked a coming time – Jesus said we would celebrate it in Heaven
Ø They recognized Him in the breaking of the Bread – the Passover initially was a time when they came face to face with their rescue from Egypt that brought them out of Egypt.
Ø We come face to face with our Rescuer each Sunday – the one who is going to take us out of this life and take us home.

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