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Friday, December 20, 2013


Sleepovers are as much fun for T & me as they seem to be for the girls.  Campbell will often come up to me at Church and ask to have a sleepover -- of course I have to say not tonight -- since I'm in school the next day.
We sort of pull out all the stops and spend 24 hours in their world -- It's so much easier since Bethany and Mat keep them to a pretty regular schedule.

Often these sleepovers are on a Saturday night -- so it takes advanced planning for our Sunday responsibilities  to come off smoothly--  We're finding that getting two little girls ready on Sunday morning and Papa finishing his powerpoints can be a bit tedious. Nana resorts to bribing -- (the girls that is-- "Campbell you can have one more Joshua Fought the Battle Song and then you HAVE to get your clothes on." and "No we can't go out and play in your sand castle this morning."

Lots of great memories

Last Sunday morning -- waking up we heard Campbell singing "Frosty the Snowman" at the top of her lungs outside our door and Sydney Kate answering her from her bed in the next room with "EEE - I--EEE -I - OOOO".

Tonight  Papa built a fire and it was S'mores and watching "Emmet Otter's Jug Band Christmas" -- a sweet little movie I used to love to watch with our kids.

The girls go to bed so easily -- S loves to cuddle and then almost lunges for her bed eager to get to sleep.
C on the other hand, has to have 49 books read and 2-3 songs sung while you stand in a certain place beside her bed.  Right now we know we have to hurry to bed because morning with these two comes EARLY -- first wake-up call is about 4:30 and the second is usually by 5:30.  We are so blessed to see these two in action - growing, learning and becoming all they are destined to be!

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