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Wednesday, September 19, 2012


that have impacted me recently . ...

Crazy Love -- by Francis Chen -- started it on Spring Break -- It's a must read! (proabably more than once) 'Makes you want to truly live the focused -- single-minded -- devoted-to-Christ  life.'Got it from one of my Youth Alive Girls - Last year my YA kids couldn't say enough good about it.   

Miracle on Southwest Boulevard -- by Cindy Hamm (she spoke at our opening convocation for the school year) -- really helped me gain nsight into KU families and educational struggles our kids have to overcome.

Prisoner in the Third Cell  I love it because we were handed it from one of our teens, Charity.

             I never thought much about John the Baptist, except for the fact, from what I read, he seemed to be a sort of strange, maybe wild-looking man who ate weird stuff. Then,a few years ago in a Beth Moore Bible study she mentioned the book, "The Prisoner in the Third Cell"and put forth some interesting observations about John that gave a glimpse of what he might have been thinking sitting in that dank, probably moldy and rat-infested cell.

That verse in Luke 7 where Jesus says, "Blessed are those who are not offended because of me" -- often made me wonder what Jesus could possibly mean . . . "

I love the way the writer in this short Biblical novel -- deals with the issues of Jesus not meeting our expectations --not healing all our ills -- or handing over EVERYTHING we've asked of HIM.  so that HIS eternal purpose could be accomplished.

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