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Sunday, September 16, 2012

It was one of those Sunday mornings that could go either way --I wanted this lesson to be something that would help kids see Jesus
in a more profound way.

 I felt I was "on to something" with my Sunday school lesson plan -- but it was one of those texts from John 7 & 8 that I thought to myself, "why did we write this one into our curriculum plan-- there wasn't a lot of ACTION that this age kids enjoy ?"  

I prayed about it on Saturday morning as I waited in the parking lot for Bethany and Campbell to join me for donuts and shopping. 

Those two chapters are filled with Jesus teaching and the people being clueless as to who HE really is -- duh --- the SON of God -- can't you people see?  But as I read over the text I decided to highlight all their questions -- and being the analytical type -- I thought I'd see if there was any real pattern to their line of questioning.  I cut out the questions for the kids --  put together a lesson plan Sat.night 

Sunday morning -- I told my "Super Kids" -- 4th and 5th graders to imagine that we were visited by a creature from another planet -- what kinds of questions would we ask of him (her)? The Jews questions were a lot like we'd ask today of someone who didn't seem to be one of us.

                          "Where'd you come from?"
           " How'd you get so smart -- you never went to college?"
"You're from a po-dunk place -- how could you be the son of God?"
                            "Who's your Daddy?
            "Are you paranoid -- you say people are trying to kill you?

I told them for every question Jesus always came back with the truth and told them it was what he heard from his Dad.
We read our key verse, "You shall know the truth and the TRUTH shall make you free" and followed it with a game of Truth or Dare which they loved.

I reminded them that we knew the whole story of Jesus -- that those folks back then didn't know the story line -- and said when OUR story unfolds in Heaven what questions do you want to ask Jesus?

This bunch of super kids gave such deep questions: 
            "How is it you always were?"
                       Did you have your power when you were a baby?
                                 Why don't people believe you?
                                           How did those people write the Bible? 

It was a Sunday morning that I knew was from God's mouth to their ears and I got to be there to watch it unfold -- 

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