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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Catching Up --

It's been a MONTH - and I do want to post my fav's!

It's Saturday night and Campbell is still singing in her crib -- we've heard several stanzas of Twinkle and lots of chattering to her babies.
When she heard she got to come to our house for a slumber party she clapped her hands excitedly and asked if there was going to be cake! (I guess she figured all her parties have cake . . .) 

Dance Class-- didn't prove as exciting as her Dance Parties with Papa and Daddy.

 Every time we're with her and look into that precious little face and see the intensity of those bright eyes and beautiful little smile we remember what a miracle she is.

Katie and Jan came for girls' weekend on Labor Day -- C was thrilled and
 loved bridal gown shopping with Aunt Katie!!

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