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Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Trip . . . Going Home

We went back to my hometown yesterday to a surprise 40th anniversary party for my life-long friend, Charlene Bandy and her husband Larry.  I say life-long because we were friends before we knew how to be friends since my parents moved next door to her family when I was two years old.  Charlene is the one who really "got it" with how to be a friend.  She's the one who remembers all the special days with a card, she's the one who kept up with our high school friends even 40+ years later. She's the one who makes the calls first on special days.   She is one special friend!  And SHE'S  the one who makes special times for other people.

But yesterday was HER special day so Terry and I drove to St. Louis to surprise her.  When we walked in the room, she shouted at the top of her lungs, "Jannie's here" -- her kids and husband came over and excited to see us as well.    Terry said, it was worth the whole trip to hear Charlene shout that one phrase!  It was HER party but she made a fuss about ME.

We couldn't stay long --and as we were heading back to Tulsa, I got all teary thinking about how she loudly yelled my name as I walked through the door.   I found myself thinking . . .
that's how it's going to be when we get to Heaven.  It's HIS party, but I think that Jesus and all our loved ones are going to yell our names and make a big hoopla when we arrive!" It's HIS party -- but the fuss will be about US.   .  . We're gonna KNOW  the trip was worth it!!!

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