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Friday, January 20, 2012

My Man

One of my students, an office aide, walked in grinning during the last class period today with a beautiful plant from my hubby -- I was caught off guard -- totally surprised.  Terry drove all the way up to Owasso to deliver it himself to my school.  He'd already left a couple of gifts in my car last night that I found this am.

Reading the card I explained to my students that today was our 39th anniversary - they uttered such phrases "uh that's a long time" or "39 years??" -- twice their age -- you could tell they wondered how or why people  stay together that long when their dating relationships last only 6-10 months at best.

One word -- G R A C E --

or maybe that word is . . .                         

R E S P E C T --

or --

U N S E L F I S H N E S S             

or --


  or --

K I N D N E S S -- or ---

Anyway, my man exemplifies all of those.  He's the one who gives me the benefit of the doubt -- who excuses away my crankiness -- or unpredictability.  He looks out for what I'm going to need next -- and does the little things -- that go a long way.  He's the one who believes I can do anything -- and encourages me to do so.

 He's the one who comes up with the most unusual gift ideas -- like the time he went to a recording studio and recorded our favorite song for our anniversary one year.  He makes me videos for special occasions -- and creates  the most wonderful anniversary celebrations when it's his year to do the planning.

When he shops for gifts,  he always buys something I wouldn't dare buy for myself -- but I end up liking ever so much.

He puts my needs ahead of his own and works so very hard -- despite the discomfort from his rheumatoid -- to make sure that I am well taken care of.

Wedding Day 1-20-73
Terry Bell -- you're God's answer. 

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