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Sunday, November 13, 2011

We're Home

Every place you set your foot you will be on land I have given you.  Joshua 1:3

After  Twelve years and 7 moves all over Tulsa, Life Park Christian Fellowship held it's First Sunday Celebration in our new home at 5700 W. Union Ave.

Saturday it was exhilarating to be leaving the shopping center sanctuary for the last time. We all toted boxes and emptied out the remainder of our collective church "stuff" (Where did we get all this junk?), stashing it in the back portion of the building -- That area we hope to complete in the near future.

As we got to our new facility and discovered it was ready for services today it heightened our excitement.  Many had worked for days cleaning and shining the surfaces to make it ready for this special day. 

Terry and I were awake at the crack of dawn -- eager to welcome this wonderful event.

Those of you who have been with us on this journey remember some of the places we've been -- a converted hardware store, a downtown warehouse, 2 different schools, a beautiful church campus that was gifted to Life Park and the West Highlands Shopping Center -- twice.  We had to continually remember we weren't home yet -- We paralleled this journey we were on with the trek of God's people headed to their promised land with Moses.   At times we wondered if we were going to wander for 40 years like the Israelites.  But God kept moving us forward on HIS schedule. Terry used to say "we are following the cloud -- when it moves, we move.  When God opens doors, we go through them.  When he shuts them, we wait."

I like what Ron Butler White said in his communion message this morning-- "we're not finished"  the work has just begun -- we have a whole world to reach!

I want to give a special tribute to Pastor Cecil Henninger, who all the while he was living on the property to oversee the construction and ensure safety, was continuing to do ministry to people in the neighborhood and the workers at the site.  Cecil -- we couldn't have made it to this point without you!!!   Nobody knows what all you have endured in this undertaking.

Cecil's right-hand praise man! (Grandson, Jaylon)
In Bible class Thomas recently shared his concept of the church as a place where people would be baptized.    

What a day for praise!!!

So many have sacrificed, working so very hard, giving of their time, gifts, talents and energy to get us to this place.  Thank you Dana for the administrative gifts you give to this ministry.


A work of love -a special- thank you to Tim, Brenda & Mat who made the beautiful pastors office possible


Joel's staining makes all these floors look awesome!

Looking out at our 200 yr. old "Life" Tree

Toddler's classroom

Coffee Bar


God is sooooo very good and we are  richly blessed.  Thank you, Father, for bringing us to our new Church home. . . we realize we have another HOME much more splendid that this -- but for the time being --- this one is perfect!!!!

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