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Sunday, November 20, 2011

In preparation for this move into our new church home, I have been teaching our 3rd-5th grade students this fall about the meaning of the Kingdom and the significance of Christ’s Church. Today, was the first Sunday we could actually have a classroom to meet in, though it was our second Sunday  in the building – I took the students outside (never mind the fact that it was 37 degrees).  I wanted them to see that we were living Joshua 1:3 – “Every place you put your feet, you will be on land I have given you”.  
Our  story was  from Joshua 4 – when the Israelites crossed  into their promised land.  My intent was to show them by way of example how that we could erect a memorial like God told the Israelites to build after they crossed through the Jordan River to their promised land. 
Beside the cross that sits adjacent to the entrance we piled our stones and talked about how that we were here to enjoy the blessings of God and be a blessing to give HIS word of hope to everyone we could.  As they shivered and jumped up and down to stay warm, I’m believing they caught the meaning of what we were doing today. 
As I was trying to get my lesson started, I had one young man take off for the huge old oak tree saying he needed to use the bathroom (hmmmm right there on Union Ave)  I quickly reminded him that we used the indoor facilities at this new home – I know God is still grinning over that one.
I promised a hike on a warmer Sunday to see all this wonderful land God has given us so richly.

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