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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

We got to Kansas City Wed. evening  after going the long way by way of Skiatook -- and Claremore -- it took 6 !/2 hours -- To Terry's credit -- the idea to go by way of Skiatook was my idea --noon in Claremore, OK, the day before Thanksgiving, with a train on the track caused all kinds of detours.  Anyway, it seemed like forever because we were both so anxious to see our little princess.  It had been a been a whole month!!!
Papa I can help you grade those 60 papers . . .
Campbell was delighted to see her Pappa She would light up when Terry walked into a room and followed him  everywhere.  With that precious little smile, she would  put her hands up and say "up peese".

Pappa didn't get too much course work done -- because they watched kiddie clips on his computer and sang hippopotamus  songs with Youtube.  She perched herself on the edge of his chair the entire time.  When she tired of it all -- she found a great shoulder to nap on.

These two are inseparable -- C is such a busy little lady ---Momma is right on her trail!
Daddy and I are best buddies -- we're both into technology!  He buys it -- I use it! 

Life is Good!!!!
Nana's Cranberry Salad was my favorite!!
We missed being with Marshall and Katie and Mat's parents-but we're looking forward to all of us being together Christmas.

God is sooooo good -- Thanking Him for family times!

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