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Saturday, July 30, 2011

My Friend, Betty


"Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints" -- the Word says

That being the case, there was a sweet, tender homecoming on Wednesday afternoon as my friend Betty Murphey moved into her eternal home.  I would have loved to see her eyes as she saw the face of her Jesus.

Betty was special to me and my family as well as our Church.

Our kids loved the fact she  was willing to think outside the box.

She took a chance on our young Church plant and was devoted to it's mission.  

Betty was a person with an infectious laugh - she laughed at my stories (that made her special ;-0) - she wasn't afraid to laugh at herself. She could easily identify with anything you were going through.

There was a gentleness and kindness about her that made her easily approachable by people of all ages.

In trying to find pictures of her -- I realized there weren't many with Betty in the forefront -- she was usually somewhere in the background -- serving -- helping -- visiting -- and laughing --she didn't like a lot of attention drawn to her publicly.

Betty loved to read.  One of her favorite Christian authors died this past Wednesday, also. 

She loved to study the Bible. With Betty in the class you always knew there would be wisdom coming from her corner -- not the preachy - stuffy kind -- but something you could hang on to and apply to your life.

She loved dearly loved Ken -- they had been married 61 years.    You never saw one without the other and as you said their names it was always both-- and together -- Ken and Betty.  They were a team, supporting and caring for each other through hard times.
Their 50th celebration June 2000
Couples told us that Ken and Betty's way of sharing realistically helped them learn about lifetime commitment.

Ken and Betty were generous people.  They would quietly take care of someone's need.

She was a devoted mom to Kathy and Jim and ever so proud of her three grand kids --- Rachel, Ryan and Jennifer.  We all felt we knew them so well,  since  Betty loved to share her people with us.

She went out of her way to be attentive to whatever needs we had -- bringing food, sending a card  - making a visit.
We loved to have them over for dinner --She and Ken were often on Marshall's birthday guest list.  In my summer sorting, I found a framed verse they gave Marshall when he graduated from high school - reminding him of the wonderful plans God had for him. 

Prior to Ken and Betty's move to Houston, it thrilled me when she said -- "I want to come to your house one more time."  We set about to make that happen,

Betty, we miss you and at some point -- we'll all be joining you at your new house

-- Be watching for us, sweet sister -- leave the light on.

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