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Saturday, July 23, 2011

KC and Campbell Time!!!

All roads lead to KC and the biggest part of my week was spent @ Bethany and Mat's playing Nana.

Shoe shopping for Little Miss

Girl's lunch out at the Salty Iguana
C's a huge fan of black beans!!!

Wednesday was a family photo shoot -- who takes a photographer's family picture?  Another friend who's also a photographer,of course!  We headed to Luce Park at 7 am to get the best possible light.  Campbell had been awake since 4 with serious teething!    Nana went along to help with bags, props, and getting grins out of Campbell.

With a week of teething, Campbell needed lots of hugs, holding, and wagon rides and I was only too happy to volunteer!

B/C of the heat wagon rides had to come before 8 AM
Limes seemed to help the teeth!

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