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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Gettin' in the Gardening Groove

Erica and I got our groove on this morning and started the vegetable garden.  She was here for "Auntie Jan" time and I always think we have to do a project together.  I bought all the seeds, peat pots and soil and had looked at them for a week and done nothing -- I all needed was an inquisitive little seven-year-old to help me get this garden thing on the move!!!  We talked about scouts, her best friend, school and Taylor Swift (her new favorite).  It was just what this teacher needed after a week with high schoolers.
Kids can get so excited about putting  tiny seeds in the ground -- Do  you know how different seeds are??? Beet seeds are really weird -- don't even look like seeds -- well Erica and I had the best conversation about germination and growth and God's miracle that was gonna take place in the dirt and how many plants would come from all those seeds we put in our peat pots.   I think the  transformation of those tiny seed into flowers and then veggies is a whole life lesson itself in this garden process -- (don't know how much of that a little Girl Scout could take in at one setting).

You know, I think that's why I like Spring so much -- all the resurrection examples as my Winter ugly back yard  becomes a beautiful place to hang out this Summer.  It reminds me that we can have a "do-over" and get new life!!!

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