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Friday, February 4, 2011

Blizzard of 2011 -- Day 4

OK -- so now  I'm calling it a blizzard  -- forget the snow holiday!!!  Terry made it to the street yesterday -- only to have the snow cover his path with another 3-4  or maybe it's 40 inches --I  don't know how much -- white is white!!!  The neighborhood streets are a mess and  even the main roads aren't that great.

We got as far as Wal-Mart and stocked up for the next few days of snow -- it was crazy busy -- but people were extremely patient and helpful.  Folks in long lines, let others cut in line who only had one item.  People stop to push other people's cars out of ruts -- nobody seems in a hurry -- everyone seemed glad to be out of the house.

Two young girls knocked on our door last night to ask Terry to give them a push -- they were from Bixby and had come into our neighborhood to feed the pet of a friend who wasn't able to make it home.  He pushed them back down the street, they thanked him, blessed him and he stumbled back through the 2 foot drifts and ruts on our street.

We've done all the fun stuff like hot dogs and s'mores in the fireplace -- eaten up the last of the taco soup -- now my man is asking for apple pie -- I've tried to keep us lower calorie and nutritious -- now it's time for serious eatin'-- PIE and ICE CREAM!!!

Some folks have been stuck at their jobs since Monday -- sorry Letha -- they'd better be treating you well.  I can imagine you're taking care of everybody there --Kristina and Chad we hope this weather cooperates and we have a heat wave before your wedding tomorrow -- I'm getting the rolls going for your little sandwiches as soon as I bake this pie!  

Our friends Janet and John have frozen pipes in their attic and no hot water !!! --

The snow has drifted almost half way up the windows
Tonight's news was all about how to fight the stress of being indoors -- exercising, tackling projects you've been postponing, doing something creative and getting outdoors --

Cabin Fever is a real thing when the weather is like this -- but lookin' at the flip side --aren't we glad we have the "CABIN" to be inside of to stay toasty warm.

God, please take care of those who don't have electricity, warmth and enough food.

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