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Sunday, January 23, 2011


Last weekend we relived a milestone with Bethany and Mat -- on last Saturday it was a year since we got the phone call that they were expecting twin girls --  Long before their birth, we knew their names:  Campbell Hope and Parker Grace . On Feb1 - we will reach the second milestone when we learned  that Parker was at Home with Jesus.

We've come tosee Parker as -- our Grace-gift.

We felt the presence of God's grace in the delivery room on June 14.

We've experienced the gift of His grace as we enjoy these family times together knowing she's a part of our family circle.

These two little girls have touched our lives deeply -- and as we circled up in their kitchen last Saturday night before dinner, Bethany prayed and thanked God for what we've learned in this year and for the what He's given.  It's been a year rich with blessing and believing and a year touched by loss and testing-- it's been a year of  Hope and Grace.

I was touched many years ago by what I heard one of my Bible teachers at David Lipscomb say,  "The longer I live and the more of my people who are in Heaven -- the nearer and sweeter it becomes." --  For me, it's like after a while, there's a whole lot more of me there.

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