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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Baby Season

A I mentioned earlier, Post-Easter -- the three week season pre-Mother's Day is my favorite time of year because of our kid's births. I know, I know, they are soon-to-be 28 and just-turned-30 -- but this time of year my "mother-heart" becomes pretty tender. AND THIS YEAR with Campbell Hope due in a few weeks, I am over-the-top sentimental and having even more flashbacks. Wasn't it just yesterday that we held THEM?

We LOVE hearing Mat and Bethany's anticipations of their life with Campbell -- and remembering how it was for us just a short time ago.

(Today's their 4th Anniversary.)

Now these two "grandparents-in-waiting" are doing the same kind of dreaming we did years ago at this season of the year.

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