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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Nana "Nesting"

Each year as our kids' birthdays approach (they are two weeks apart), certain memories that I cherish come to mind. We plan on celebrating Bethany's 30th birthday with her next weekend, so I decided to unearth the tubs of her baby things from the attic and take them to KC to give Campbell some of her momma's favorites. I'd been looking forward to going through my "treasures" for a while now.

There are all these pretty handmade (crocheted or quilted) baby blankets -- and little pieces my Mom made for both kids--- look alike outfits I had sewn when they were preschoolers -- yes -- Marshall had to have a matching guy outfit for some of Bethany's - I unpacked the cutest dresses she was given at her baby shower.

I came across her special blanket. A friend had hand-sewn a small quilt in my nursery colors and Bethany literally took it everywhere with her, practically until she started school. When we would pack up the van for a preaching trip with Daddy -- she always had her blanket and books to read on the bed that we made for them in the back. (Can you believe people actually could let their children sleep in the back compartment of their vans back then?)

My favorite attic treasure was finding the Winnie the Pooh rain boots (Marshall of course, had a blue pair)-- I grinned as I remembered some of the outfits she would put together and then slide her feet into these. (Brown ET shirt / yellow and green gym shorts, pink hand bag and red rain boots) A Birthday present that got quite a work out, I figured they were a must-save --they'd been put away for 25 years. Campbell has got to slosh in the rain in her momma's boots someday -- at least when she comes to Nana's house.

I've been monogramming burp pads this weekend (did that instead of writing lesson plans yesterday afternoon), laundering baby blankets from yester-year and trying to embroider "C" on a new tiny hotpink "onsie". After tearing two holes in it -- I decided to sew on a flower patch. Pretty cute, if you ask me.

I told Terry a while ago, I'd probably dream of having babies and toddlers tonight. Can't believe it's been 30 years since we rocked little ones to sleep to the songs their Daddy made up--It does only seem like yesterday!

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