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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Baby Campbell Hope Celebrates!!!

Today Bethany and Campbell reached their 28th week of this pregnancy and celebrated with a Baby shower given by three of her close KC friends. It was a wonderful gal time with friends from her school, Church (one of which was a friend from third grade in Abilene) and three great friends from Tulsa who drove up with their families.

We all ooohed and aaahed as Bethany opened gorgeous perkly little outfits with flowers and bows and lots of pink with polka dots of all colors. Baby Hope will certainly be the fashion chic!

Mat's Aunt Debbie drove in from Topeka and I heard the girls later refer to us as "the two adults who were invited". These were all young moms in their early 30's with at least one child and some with 2-or 3 so I listened to more baby stories than I had heard in years -- nibbled the yummiest food and learned all the newest trends in mothering.

It was nice to see all the new baby gadgets that are a "must-have" now and to sit back and listen -- wasn't it just yesterday I was having her and my friends and I were the ones telling all the kid-stories? Where did the time go?

There was another precious baby in our thoughts today and Parker's momma wore a dainty little bracelet to honor both her baby girls.

She was remembered with special significance with flowers: a beautiful vase of spider mums from Cori and Carissa and a Peace Lily given by her hostesses, Sarah, Erin and Brooke.

Baby Parker, you hold a very special in our hearts. Baby Campbell, we can't wait to meet you. Sarah, Erin and Brooke, Cori, Carissa and Andrea thank you ALL for making it such a special day for my girls!

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