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Tuesday, December 27, 2016


I got what I wanted for Christmas -- tied up in a big bundle of four sweet babies for 3 whole days!!!

To start it all off --we were able to leave work to attend 
Sydney's Christmas performance.  It was certainly delightful as she had been dressed since 6:00 that morning hence she was a bit over it before it even started

We followed that up that evening with a night of baking cinnamon rolls with our 3 little Goodletts for gifting their many neighbors.
Jack found he didn't like to get his hands messy in the dough

Campbell attacked that dough with her rolling pin!
Sydney loved the cinnamon sugar topping.

Then on Sunday, we officially kicked off Christmas week with our annual trip to the Nutcracker at the Tulsa PAC.


Marshall and Katie and Jim and Jan arrived mid-day on Friday.  The cousins had been estatic for days looking forward to "baby" Clara's arrival.

There were so many fun memories. . .  seeing our four enjoying sharing toys. Bethany and Mat had thought through every detail of the holiday and worked tirelessly to make sure it was a magical one.

M & B planned Friday night couples' night at Cedar Ridge where they are members.

We hosted Sat. morning brunch . . .

Jack experienced every bit of Christmas -- in his own delightful way.  He would put the little
 wooden lambs from the creche on his rocking horse and take them for a ride.

Christmas Eve was complete with  Services at Life Park and Redeemer Covenant where Bethany and Mat's family lit the fourth Advent Candle
Jack was so attentive to it all

It was so fun tracking Santa's  trip on the computer Christmas Eve

Jack was hilarious as he would run back and forth -- jabbering where Santa was last spotted wanting you come see the last sighting

And there was even a late night visit from the Jolly Old Elf (aka Uncle Marshall)

 B arranged for Matching pajamas -- which I monogrammed

Snuggle time with momma

Christmas morning was the usual clutter and chaos of unwrapping -- but the highlight was the video of Santa's visit the night before that they watched on tv before discovering he left them something pretty wonderful.  The kids squealed with sheer delight

Big people enjoyed sharing gag gifts -- Marshall kicked it off by giving each of us - Animal Spirit shirts -- telling us that he had logged into a data bank and created animals most like us based on our personal information -- I was believing all of it -- (pretty gullible -- this momma is).

We have an old fiber optic lamp from the 80's that both kids would sneak out of the house and give to each other as spoof presents.   This year they both wanted that for the other.  We decided to turn the joke on them... and find a second one - Believe or not they still make those things - they were shocked, to say the least.

No one wanted to jinx the family celebration by remembering the Christmas of 2011 when the Christmas crud hit the whole family

Her Daddy decided to make it a shrine 
with B's fiber optic gift!

  Bethany was the first to go down and as family tradition goes Marshall set her picture in her place,  It's what we do when we have the holiday hoopla and can't join in on the fun (i.e. Christmas 2011 - 7 Bell/Good /Hammetters in bed on Christmas day)

This year we ended our holiday with a lesser version of it.  Papa and I spent all Monday in bed.  No more celebrating for these two old Geezers.

Marshall and Katie left on a 6 am flight Monday-- we're already looking forward to seeing them in March as baby boy Bell is scheduled to make his appearance mid-March.

Some of my favs of the holiday:

Pawpaw (as he calls himself) kept the two littles busy

Can you tell they are all Bells?

We do lots of eating, telling our big stories, discussing the weighty things of life and some brainiac convo these doctors come up with. But  above all, most of our time and energies is spent enjoying the kids. You can see that from the fact that this blog is mostly pics of the little ones.

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