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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Happy Birthday, Sydney Kate!

Sydney Kate - today is your day!  You've been anticipating this all month and being 4 fits you to a T.  It always seems like such a long time till your birthday and that's the way it was for us as we awaited your birth.

From the first your big sister has always had a protective position in your life as you watch her for cues and she is always on the ready to tell you exactly what she wanted you to do.

Little brother watches you now and is your little buddy in play.  He's always ready for a celebration and to join in with you and Campbell in whatever you're about at the moment.

You're the cuddler -- the one quick with lots of loving positives for all of us.

You ordered a chocolate strawberry birthday cake -- wanted a Tea Party birthday and hosted your little friends to berry tea, cake balls and dress up from the costume closet with oodles of faux jewelry and boas.  Your party planner big sis was all about making your celebration a hit.

You're a girley girl who loves dresses and have always had a fashion sense.

You make up stories about your make-believe friends and recently told your momma your parents had died and that you were now living with someone else.  You told us tonight that Baby Rosie now calls YOU "Nana".  She's still your "go-to" favorite of all time.  We're always anxious to take your stories further as we question you about what's going on in your world each day.
 Since you were tiny you gave the cutest expressions that always revealed what your concerns were at the moment -- giving so much with your eyes and grin.

"and who do I thank for this ridiculous head gear ?-- it doesn't go with my outfit - besides that - it's backwards!!!

Sydney you take us to our "happy place" as we watch the wonder of it all in your eyes.

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