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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Breadbasket of Friends

Through the 40+  years of ministry, serving in large congregations and small with Terry,  I realized how many different types of friends I have.  I don't know what sent me there -- but I realized that they are a lot like my favorite breads.

I decided to make my list.

. . . .honey buns - loving huggers,  lavish with compliments - they remember your birthday and treat you like a queen.

. . . .bagels- with you in the tough stuff - call to ask how you are and really want to know. . .they don't mind listening as you go ino ALL the details.

. . .tortilla - you have a relationship you are building with this person, be it a new co-worker, new in-law - just like tortillas needs something

. . . whole grain - back to basic friends - maybe your "Word Girl" friend who will tell you truth and drop the Word on you from time to time - this is probably the one you trust with your secrets and realize they will tell you the truth if that outfit makes you look fat.

. . .pita bread -- your ethnic friends or ones from cultures so different from your own- be it family background, or religion or country - they expand your world view

. . .croissant - your artsy friends

. . . crackers -- these are the spicy, spirited, quick wit and maybe even a little sassy ones

. . .raisin nut bread - your crazy nutty friends who keep you from taking yourself too seriously

. . .rice cake friends -- they are the ones who NEED us and that enriches us as we give and serve them - could be someone that you mentor or an elderly lady that you visit from time to time.

Or it may be that you have a friend who's the whole bread basket!

I am blessed with all these types of friends --

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