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Sunday, May 8, 2016


So much of my life is tied up in my relationship with you.  The things you taught me still echo through my head each and every day.  .  . matters of faith . . . life . . . and love.
As a young girl you were my best friend . . .
 As a teenager - I would hear others gripe about their moms but you were my rock and strong place. . .

You taught me what to look for in a husband and gave me a standard to live up to.

As a young college student you set me down one day and reminded me that my grades weren't what you and Dad had in your budget and that I should apply myself.

As a young preacher's wife and first year teacher, you would have us for Sunday lunch after Church services and give us our laundry that you had done --- you knew that my plate was full and overflowing and you didn't want me to get overwhelmed—so you did our laundry EVERY week that school year.
As a mom of two active little ones I called you often and asked "what abouts" all the time -- what about that little one who doesn't stay in bed? --- what about that fever or rash?
BUT ALWAYS . . . you were there to pray for me and our family.  I knew all I had to do was call and you would be faithful to do so and not give up.

You were always the hub of our family and the center of it all. .  . you could stretch a dime – make ANYTHING from scratch.

In your later years -- you taught us so much about how to live with the struggles of life.  We watched you be Dad's physical support and care for him for 15+ years.  You taught us commitment and dedication.

In your own life battle you taught us so much about living with faith and grace at the end of life.  You made us laugh -- you gave bits of wisdom --  you told us how much you loved us.
  I loved getting  you ready for bed at night and I'm remembering those sweet words you spoke to me.  We’d talk over our day – read the Bible – and share.
It was my honor and joy to get to care for you as you had cared for us all these years.  This weekend, I'm thinking of you thankful for your being in my life!!!

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