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Sunday, March 9, 2014


Weekends are for  worship, re-charging our batteries,
 relaxing and spending time with our family.
Can't wait for our upcoming weekend 
we get to spend with our Colorado Kids.

Our weeks are crazy full for all of us and the time together breathes new life into me.
 Spur of the moment meals 
Being outdoors
or burgers on the deck at Bethany and Mat's
Time on the phone with Marshall and Katie
planning my Sunday school lesson
or talking with extended family and longtime friends.
All of these enrich me and feed my spirit!


I especially love one with an open schedule and lots of time to play with the girls --
With the weather 
warmer Friday evening there was plenty of time for playing in the "Sand Castle" -- 


 -Saturday mornings start early with Playdough and hot cocoa before 7:00 

Don't know who is more worn out from sleepovers -


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