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Monday, June 3, 2013

Marshall calls it the 2013 Wedding Circuit --it's been a season of special ceremonies.

Our only regret is having had to miss my neice Angela's wedding to her fiance, Kevin's Knartzer Friday, May 10th in Peoria, IL. 
(School has black-outs times when we can't be gone and having been gone 4 days the week before for Marshall's wedding -- I had to stay in Tulsa.)  We are enjoying her wedding vicariously through the pictures we're seeing on FB.  I have to admit -- I have twinges of jealousy every time I see her pics.

Marshall and Katie kicked off the wedding season in late April

Deepak Chetty  and Annie Gerbig followed 
exactly four weeks later . . . .

and Michael Mitchell and Jessica Dobbs were the very next day near Washington DC

We have known Deepak Chetty and his mother, Geeta for 20+ years. A few years ago, he introduced us to Annie .  Both graduated from Pratt in Brooklyn and wanted to return there for their wedding.  So many of Geeta's family came from India and Australia and we had enjoyed many visits with her parents on several occasions, so it was great to spend time with them.
Erica truly enjoyed herself the entire week -- getting to be with all her cousins and devoted grandparents

We counted 22 days post surgery  for Terry - (he talked the PA into getting him out of the cast early for this trip) and loaded up the heel brace and scooter and scheduled assistance at every gate - we couldn't have asked for more -- even security was a breeze.  

Saturday the weather was cold, windy and misty --
Terry rested, elevated and iced at the hotel while I took off adventuring in downtown Brooklyn- never mind that I have a few years on Bethany, she gave me lots of safety warnings- her favorite "don't carry your big purse, Mom."

Our hotel was right at the Brooklyn Bridge

hmm orange cones?  Are we in OK????

Most of what Terry saw was from a taxi window since his walking was limited- and he had to elevate it to keep swelling down and pain under control.
We found a great taxi driver who took us several places and told us of his 9/11 experiences

 There was lots of history right outside our hotel --we taxied to the Freedom Tower (formerly Tower 1 of the World Trade Center). We didn't have tickets to the Memorial or Museum so just a drive-by was all we could manage.

 I found the Brooklyn Tabernacle 3 blocks away and Geeta and her brother's families and I got to attend their morning service.  It was AWESOMEWONDERFUL!!!

On Monday afternoon we headed southeast towards Yorktown, VA. to visit with Terry's brother Dave and his family.  Because they were military for so many years - we never got to spend much time with Dave, Dolly, Chelsae and Collin. It was a wonderful time of catching up and embelishing -- I mean telling-- family stories.  We always leave our visits with them wishing we lived closer.
Dinner by the bay in Yorktown

T & I enjoyed spending time with our nephew and neice.
Both are such talented young people and we laughed talked and tried to catch up the past 8 years since we'd seen them

Retired Lt. Col. David Bell and Sgt. Collin Bell 

Sightseeing and lunch in Williamsburg

I shared with a friend many years ago that trips to family  link us to who we really are.  Regardless of how long you've been apart -- with family you can pick up where you left off the last you were together. 

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