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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Happy 3rd Birthday, Campbell Hope!

We wonder where the time went --all  those months of waiting and praying for your safe arrival --

We were remembering this week about that birth day three years ago when you popped your head out and checked us all out with a steady stare --- you still to this day carefully check things out with that same glance.

Oh little lady, you've come to bless and bring such joy ---

We're your "Nana" and "Papa" and hearing you say those words is music to our ears!

You show us the world through your eyes and

that deepens our sense of wonder. . .


 . . . Hearing you giggle,

          . . . Watching you dance your heart out . . .

                       . . . . Listening to the songs you make up,

                             . . . Answering your endless questions... 
"What's that?" 
    "What's that ________doing?(a question about EVERY thing we encounter")
        "Where's God?" and  most recently, 
              "Can I Help?"


Early birthday morning -- look what C found!!!
The bike helmet was one of C's favorites!

AND we love praying for you daily, sweet girl!

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