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Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Many Faces of Sydney Kate

 The first few months of an infant's life it's all guess work -- 
but with Sydney Kate we never have to wonder what's up with her -- her little face says it all!
Those lights are so bright . . . I mean, really --
I don't get to eat until when?

Everybody jumps when I cry ...  works for me!

I know I'm cute -- just look at me -- all dressed up in my skirt and jeggins.  I never go out without a bow!
Nana thinks I don't ever smile --Momma & Daddy get most of my grins --

I told you I was sleepy!

Are you really gonna let her hold me?  Hurry up Mom and take the picture!!!

You played outside in the snow while I was napping?  Now I'm really ticked!!!!

Really Mom?  What makes you think I want ANYTHING on my head????
No way am I wearing this goofy head gear!

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