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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Brain Break

These two are lost in a world of their own - with lots of Papa questions like "Will we see sloths?"  "Where's the ducks? -- I wanna see ducks. . . 

 "Can we go swing Papa, Can we swing?"   A little girls squeals and shrieks as she goes higher (relatively speaking for a 2 1/2 yr. old, of course) and guessing all Papa's silly animal sounds -- puts all of life into proper perspective

After two bouts of the "bug" and 10+ days of  Potty Training Boot Camp, Campbell was thrilled to be going somewhere with us and announced that she was going to be a "first-time listener for Nana and Papa" (hmmm-- I think she had some momma coaching before we picked her up!)

Even though it was 38 degrees -- we decided that we all needed to get outside and that a trip to the Lafortune Park before our visit to the orthopedic was just what we all needed.  Campbell couldn't have been happier -- so we bundled up and headed out!

NO, we didn't take Sister Syd out in the cold.
With chilly fingers and toes, we made a quick stop at Starbucks for kid's hot cocoa and dropped C off at home --begging to go to the doctor with us.

BTW-- we have gotten some answers-- lots going on in T's back which is causing the extreme pain in his left side -- ankle, hip and knee. Looks like we have a treatment plan -- pray for healing and deliverance from this pain!  God's our healer!!!

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