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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Sunday as usual . . . we were standing with Campbell during Praise and Worship -- she loves to be up close --to us --and the music -- There she was looking all cutsie --in her cowboy boots and leggins swaying and "dancing" to the music.  She loves coins instead of paper to give to Jesus and I had tucked a few in a little zipper pouch -- I gave them to her as she joined us and she promptly scattered them on the floor.  Closer to communion and time for our giving - I told her to pick them up so she could give them to Jesus -- You can always tell when C is thinking something through -- She'd been living the story of His birth all week -- this seemed like a pretty good option to give him a gift --but -- she didn't see Him anywhere.  She looked up puzzled and asked "Where IS Jesus?" 
My Nana theological response was -- in Heaven with God-- and in your Heart-- how much more confusing could I make it????  
Of course her next question was "Where's GOD?" -- "Is He with Mary?"  

She's got all the principals in the birth story -- she didn't ask about Joseph whom for some reason she calls "Baby Jaguar".  
As her thoughts develop into stories, Papa and I are fascinated with the way her mind is developing . 
She always asks the most insightful questions  . . . She gets us back to what is really important and involves us in her creative world of play.
"Except you become as a little child"----

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