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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

My favorite definition of love by children is one that I have used in my high school relationship units for years.  A little girl said :"love is what's in the room at Christmas -- you have to just be quiet and listen".  We had a wonderful holiday and though it was just a few days -- we packed in a lot of loving and laughing.
Campbell loved having both sets of grandparents and her Uncle Marshall and Aunt Katie in the same room. She was in high gear the whole time- telling Marshall that Aunt Katie was her favorite.

Sydney in her Christmas jammies wasn't too sure what was going on
Christmas Eve reading "Twas the Night. . . "with Mommy and Daddy

 In keeping with family tradition, Bethany and her daddy made their chocolate pecan pie together.
Campbell got to join in for her first time while Grammy supervised.

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