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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Every "biggie" event in our kid's lives involves some sort of MAJOR project -- for Bethany's we always sew  -- she designs and I do the stitchin'  --

For Marshall --  he and I  refinish furniture or paint.

 So with Mat and Bethany moving into a new house and baby on the way, it was time, once again, to set up the dining room to SEW BIG TIME!
I love this fabric -- perfect for a soft bumper pad!

Start with two 17" circles
Add piping 1/2 inch from the edge  and attach a rectangle 51 1/2 inches by 9 inches to the outer edge of the circle
Turn inside out and sew the second 17" circle.  Stuff with 2 12-oz bags of stuffing and viola!!! Drum Pillows
for the girl's play table

Personalize by embroidering before stitching the circles
Ready for two little girls to use at their play table.

C thinks they're perfect and decided to try out Baby Sister's.

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