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Friday, July 6, 2012

Projects: KU Olympics, Praise Streamers and Funky Chairs

The Contestants
KU Olympics Official Starter

 We wrapped up our Four weeks of daytime KU (Kids University)  with  100 degree temperatures by finishing strong last Friday enjoying our First Annual KU Indoor Olympics (too hot outdoors)
Go Miss Jessica!
Fantastic Fridays -- Indoor S'mores!

Miss Jessica teaches liquids and solids by making "gack"

Our terrific Interns during the day:  Nicco, Nick and Jessica- Miss Jessica made did an awesome breakfast demonstration!

Thursday nights --going strong!

 The garden is feeling the effects of the heat --

Tomatoes holding their own
 Broccoli looks great
Pumpkins are putting out good strong leaves
Our young ones at Life Park love Praise and Worship time with their Mommies and Daddies -- We made lots of praise streamers for adults -- but didn't have any their size ... so a little bit of planning with Teri C and we were able to come up with several of these -- they were such a hit I had to make more in several colors -- these are the last ones I made to go with the other bright colors.

It is awesome to watch the little ones get lost in praise. This morning a little lady to the right of me was absorbed with it all.
Reminds me that "out of the mouths of infants He has ordained praise."

 Monday was one of those days when I was ready for a project -- the hot days during the last week of KU had called for lots of indoor artsy activities to keep the kids indoors -- we had sewn miniature pillows and made little critters from a Noah's Ark sewing project --created foam art projects and now having a little free time-- I was ready for something MORE!!! 

With Bethany and Mat settling their new home - they no longer needed my Mother's dining room furniture -
and after lots of antique shopping with Bethany -- I knew exactly what I wanted to do  with the chairs -- 9 cans of spray paint later and and age- check to see if I was old enough  to buy ALL that spray paint-- It rocked the garden room and made a fun table!--

Doesn't it make you want Mexican Food?

 I remember my mother, the daughter of a carpenter,  never wanted furniture painted- but liked the wood stained and finished to preserve the natural beauty of the wood -- don't know what she'd think of her chairs in bright, funky colors -- but I believe where she is -- the colors are just even more vibrant!

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