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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Camp Nana Papa

Circus Tent "Find" -- it's a must for all those animals!
When Bethany and Marshall were younger -- I used to promise them that when they had children, I was going to hold "Camp G'ma" every summer -- just the kids -- no parents invited :-)

We talked Campbell's Mommy and Daddy into a getaway for two nights (pre-job starting for Daddy and pre-baby AND pre-Nana starting school).  SOOOO  Monday  Camp 
Nana /Papa starts at 10 am or whenever Bethany and Mat can get on their way out of town. 

This year's theme -- is Noah's Ark --
 Campbell knows all her animals and the sounds they make -- so I figure Noah's Ark it is!!!   (hmmm it's a good time for us to pray for rain  --  not a flood -- just a good soaker!!!

Let's see -- I think I've got it all:
Plenty of Dora Band Aids --

Tea set, colorbook, lots of crayons!

Stickers and Play-Doh -- the real stuff!

Can't have enough mac n' cheese - for the girl that had only one request for her birthday present:  Mac n' Cheese
Giant - size bubbles

CAMP  SHIRT:  Couldn't find the "I love Papa shirt" at Old Navy so this one will just have to do.

Don't expect any blogs until "camp" is over ---this Nana doesn't have time for blogging or taking pictures when Campbell comes to play!   Next year will be with both Good Gals!!!

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