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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Getaway Time in KC

It was an easy decision a couple of weeks ago, to take this weekend off, and head up to Kansas City, since none of us really got to spend much quality time together during the Christmas Flu Scourge.  We mentioned to the kids we'd like to give them a whole 24 hours away -- to which they gladly accepted and started making plans.  We hurried to get there Friday night before Campbell went to bed so we could enjoy some quality time with her and stretch out our visit as much as we could.  She had been waiting at the door for 10 minutes in her green rain boots and been looking for her beloved "Pappa" all day long. 

 She puts everything into sentences and chatters non-stop, sings her favorite songs and dances up a storm.  In fact "Dance Party with Daddy" is a major hit of the day we discovered.

I have learned I take second place to Pappa.  I walk into a room without him and she looks at me and emphatically asks, "Where's Pappa?"  All of us in the family have come to accept the fact that next to him, we're all chopped liver.
Don't get me wrong, I had my sweet times with C, too -- she loves to cuddle after a nap on my lap with all her bed buddies, and two blankies . This morning she came in the bathroom, pulled back the curtain plopped in the dry tub, threw in her toys and played while we chatted and sang for the longest time.

She knew she was with two doting g.p's (grandparents) so she sort of taught us the ropes -- she doesn't like to have to sit in her high chair to eat a meal -- And She loves the dining room table top -- it's a great view 

and when she can sneak it in, she pushes buttons on the tv and plops down to watch  She'd love to do it ANY time she chooses BUT (Mommy has limits of only a very short time of Dora once a day after nap) --
"Dora Time"

An especially sweet time for me was sitting with her at her little table yesterday after her nap snacking on an apple and singing to her.  She looked up at me with this beautiful little face and sung back  this precious little song in syllables I couldn't understand and a tune I didn't know but a perfect little melody -- It was the song of an angel!!!

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