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Friday, February 17, 2012

Heart Stuff

 Yesterday was a full day -- Youth Alive -- no planning period and launching Kids' Univ. at Life Park last night.  I felt overwhelmed as I started the day.  .  so I prayed -- prayed for ALL KINDS of help and creativity b/c I knew I was going to NEED it.  Here's what HE gave me--

First lunch, one of our  young ladies with lots of challenges asked to share her testimony . . . I was hesitant -- not sure what she would say, yet  knowing we really didn't have much planned, I told her to ask our student leader who was in charge.

In her message, God had one for me -- 

She had brought several of the members of her class with her (they all love to come eat in my room and buy all sorts of things that I sell for lunch)  They got a table together by the door with their student Mentor and were there to support her.  She started, realized she had food on her face asked for a napkin and they rushed to help. 
She spoke about her conversion -- she told us that she'd been listening to a preacher on her computer last April and said his words made her cry -- so she asked Jesus into her heart.  She said she knew she was saved.   She then mentioned how watching the Passion of Christ later touched her heart.  She beamed because of her salvation.  Her friends were so proud!!!

She had bravely witnessed to 43 people. 
 I was reminded of Jesus words, "except you become like one of these you can't enter the Kingdom of Heaven."  I know God grinned -- NO --beamed with pride at one of his precious ones.

Had I put her off until next week or later -- I would have missed something so powerful that HE wanted to remind me --  "Hey  -- that's the heart I'm looking for!"

Then during 2nd lunch one of my Youth Alive gals who lives her name "Sterling" shared with the teens there about finding our purpose  from Jeremiah the prophet-- How many kids today know where the book is in the Bible or even connect with this man -- the weeping prophet -- not somebody that most young people today are drawn to.  She talked about how he was called from his birth and related that most people who did great things for God were called and began to be used by Him at an early age like their's.  
A young woman very much in love with Jesus, she said her recent week had been spent looking for God's purpose amid all the senior projects and deadlines.  She didn't feel like she'd been hearing as much from God in recent days, and then went on to say that she realized that when she's not hearing from Him, she needs to look at what she is  listening to.  ( i.e. music, the message of the movies or books she reads.)

She quoted a verse from Jeremiah 15:19 & 20  that struck a chord with me --in her words,  "extracting the precious from the worthless". 

 In other words, I might add,  turning away from what doesn't feed our souls. Looking for truth in all the noise of our day.

Launching Kids' University was a testimony of God's faithfulness.  Everything that could go wrong did -- lost phone thought I might have to drive back to Owasso -- slow checker at Wal-Mart -- every one running late -- BUT GOD --

         Sent the best interns to assist,
                Sent just the right number of kids for the pilot project's first night
                     Gave just the right words 

HE does good work!!!!


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