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Friday, December 16, 2011

The Show Must Go On!!!

Where has the week gone?  No, where has the month gone?  Wasn't it just Thanksgiving???  School has kept me really busy -- this is the first year in a LONG time I won't be in charge of the children's Christmas presentation.  God sent the wonderful Whittens to our church family and Brenda has let HIM work wonders through her ministry to our Life Park kids.  So, for me, there were no costumes to finish, practices to orchestrate or banners to finish at the last minute.
This year's shepherds -- and all I had to do was oversee my Super Kids
 But school has been exceptionally busy.  I thought we might be dismissing the idea of a mock wedding in my Marriage and Family Life classes since my friend is closing her Bridal shop --and Terry wouldn't be able to come and officiate. I had tried to keep this wedding away from the holidays and here it was Christmas again -- NO WAY- the students wouldn't hear of scrapping the wedding idea -- and some even said --"that's why I signed up for this class."
Two girls went on line to get "licensed" to conduct the wedding ceremony.  

The gals in my two classes rescued the plan.  During one class period, they had it all planned with people stepping up to loan dresses, decorate from the tubs of decorator pieces we have and of course offers to bake and decorate.  . 
Again this year the kids converted a MESSY abandoned classroom  into a brightly lit bridal chapel.  They even used the back drops from a recent school production of "SHREK' to enhance the dreamy effect. High school students on a mission are so resourceful!
The music department offered their tuxes once again for my guys

It wasn't just one but TWO weddings on two different days -I have to admit -- it was probably the most relaxed I have been all the years we've been holding our weddings -- the students had it all under control. ( I did almost "freak out"  when one class just took over the cake decorating and said they knew what they were doing -- as I saw the first stage of their project -- I struggled to keep from taking back the project --

(One young woman had had three different classes in cake decorating and was helping them try things out on the cake and guiding the process -- way to go Morgan!)  They completed it during their lunch period and it was the prettiest cake we've  ever had!  NOTE: Icing does cover a multitude of mistakes,  LOL
Yes, the students insisted the "show" must go on, and it did -- in rare and relaxed form!

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