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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Confessions

Terry and I have decided we aren't buying for each other this year -- except for a back up camera for our new car. Terry insisted that it is a MUST  (After the incident when I all but ran over him when he was checking the mail and I was backing our car out of the garage headed somewhere nearly clipping him.  He asked did I see him -- truth was I didn't check--- AND it didn't help that there was a news article about a woman in town a couple of weeks ago who ran her husband over and said she thought she had hit the rake and kept on backing. . . . hmmm wonder if they're still together this Christmas?)  
ANYWAY -- the back up video camera made it to the top of our Christmas list.
We both have done a little of our own Christmas shopping though -- I got him a couple of things -- he got himself a new shirt he wanted and I checked off my new Black Friday bargain watch I got on  as my Christmas and a darling little girl chair at the antique store that was a REAL STEAL -- yep, called that my Christmas, too!!!  
 THEN, the other day I decided I'd also buy me a couple of new songs on itunes since my old downloads have worn a permanent groove in the right side of my brain.
I found a great new song by Gwen Smith in my morning quiet edevotional -"Girlfriends in God".  It's called 'Uncluttered" and it has my name written all over it -- being such a project-driven -- task oriented person -- it is me -- even to the part of cleaning out the closets (my life-long task)!!!  Look it up on itunes and listen -- you'll see what I mean.

The one I have to play several times a week, I found one morning on the way to school.  It's a Building 429 song called, "Where I Belong".   I was in one of those moods, wishing I was heading anywhere but school -- thinking that dealing with a class of 17 - 18yr. olds who are so antsy to graduate is certainly not what mission God has for me -- (I've since repented and seen the light on that one).  But this song lifted my spirits -- surged new life in me and got me back on track. 

Yes, it's going to be a wonderful Holiday --I'm getting what I really wanted this Christmas, all my family here in Tulsa -- what more could a Mom ask for???

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