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Monday, August 8, 2011

Toddler Time in KC

This week I start back to school -- my classroom is still in shambles -- I want to be able get in my room tomorrow or Wednesday -- and am HOPEFUL that the AC is working and that all the dust and grime will be cleaned up before I try to unpack all the boxes and find my furniture.

Where did the summer go???  

The older wedding guests loved having a cardiologist as the second shooter
Right before school opens, Terry and I always try to work in a few days away.  This year it was a workcation  for Terry (to use Bethany's phrase).  We got to spend four days with our kids.  Spoiling Campbell  and giving her folks a bit of a break were the two main objectives of our getaway. 

We found out that to keep her alive and well while her mommy and daddy were away Saturday "shooting" Bethany's first gig as Wedding Photographer,  it helped a great deal to think like a 14-month old.  

After we got into her head -- things went pretty easy.

Campbell's view of things:

1.  If somebody in the room is eating -- they automatically want to share it with me.

2.  Raising my right arm and pointing in the general direction of something I want starts a guessing game of them trying to figure out what I need and usually gets me more than I even wanted.

3.  They finally figured it out --swinging my arm from left to right or batting something away means I don't want it!

4.  Approaching these two with my arms up and tapping their legs gets me extra cuddling and lets me see what's going on up high.

5.  Screaming loudly from my crib and reaching between the bars like a teary gal in jail for a nap when I toss out "Mr. Duckie" gets a quick response because they hate to see me cry.

6.  Wagon rides are something grandparents like to give you if you're having a rough day -- just sit in back and act like you are the "Queen Bee" and they'll take you further.

7. Nana and Papa will read "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?" ten times or more since they never get to read that book in Tulsa.

8.  Talking to myself with all my jabbers and jibbers keeps them making those funny faces.

9.  If you say the word "Go" -- I automatically get energized, despite how tired I am.

10.  Just like my Nana and Great- Nonni  -- I love to people watch, especially kids -- just put me in a crowd and I'm a happy girl!

Now to get into the heads of my High School Juniors and Seniors ~ 

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