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Friday, September 3, 2010

Daily Updates for Nana

With school in full swing and living in 55 minute increments, I don't always get to pick up my cell phone until mid-morning during a lull. By 10:30 I always have at least one pic from my sweetie pie and by nightfall usually a video clip from Campbell's daddy.   Below is a picture of Campbell's first KU Football game!!!

100% girlie girl!!

My friends know that I'm gonna show my latest picture whether they ask to see it or not -- so they politely let me "strut my stuff" and crow about Campbell's latest accomplishments. At the present, she's mimicking all her mommy and daddy's facial expressions and surprised Bethany early one morning this week.
Bethany was doing her early morning floor work-out -- she glanced over to check on Campbell and saw her on her play mat doing the same moves as her mamma!!!

I've seen this same expression on her
momma as a little girl when she accomplished
something huge, "I did it!"
Sitting pretty in the bumbo seat!                                     "I DO sleep -- what's all the fuss?"


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