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Friday, July 2, 2010


Okay, Okay -- I talked them in to it -- but I guess I'm Campbell's very first babysitter. As my last post showed-- colic is a real issue in the Good household -- I decided Campbell's mommy and daddy needed a breather -- Campbell and I had seen the wee hours of Friday morning together as did her parents. To say Thursday night was long would be an understatement. The hardest part was to see Campbell so uncomfortable.

I'm armed and ready with the bouncer seat that vibrates -- the bear that makes soothing sounds (i.e. the ocean, the womb, a rain)-- the "Bob" running stroller that lulls "C" off to sleep (Don't think I'll be doing any running -- but if the kids will show me how to set it up this high-powered thing-- I can make it 'round a couple of blocks if need be.

NEW DISCOVERY - the vacuum cleaner is a MUST for calming down the Little Miss. Studies say the frequency is equal to what she heard in the womb -- interesting!!!

Wonder if that would work for adults who can't sleep at 2 am?

I really miss my man -- he and I usually tag team it when we babysit!

Look at that precious sleeping cherub-- can't be all that much to babysit this tiny little 6 1/2 # angel!


Babysitting was a breeze, the kids were only gone a total of an hour and twenty minutes -- (that included a trip to the grocery store). Campbell and Nana watched TV, sat outside and listened to the birds (don't think she could actually see what was going on out there) -- she fussed - Nana sang -- she fussed Nana rocked -- she stayed calm and happy for the whole time except for about 15 minutes.

Hanging out with Nana, watching Reba.

She WASN'T in the mood for the kiddie aquarium jungle gym.

Mommy and Daddy got home relaxed and refreshed and so Miss Campbell decided she wanted a night out also and got a late night car ride because of nonstop crying and fussing for two hours. (Vacuum cleaner had no effect, bouncy seat just wouldn't do it -- so Mom and Dad revved up the engine and took her out for a cruise. Meantime, Nana was sleeping peacefully through the whole ordeal!

Sat noon: Life is Good now! -- We decided to have girl's day out before I head for Tulsa tomorrow afternoon.

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