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Friday, July 16, 2010

Lazy Days of Summer

It's been anything but lazy for our Outreach / Associate Pastor, Cecil Henninger and his team of dedicated assistants this summer (A big thank you to Mary Lou, Jim, Dana, Josh, Mikel, Donna, Janet, and Denise). Life Park is enjoying the opportunity to work with students at Remington Elementary in a 2-month Vacation Bible School / Feeding program effort. We partner with this school on a regular basis during the school year. The school provides the space along with the breakfasts and lunches and we fill in the rest. I get to drop by from time to time and lend a hand. The 25+ kids we've gotten to work with are awesome -- attentive to the stories -- quick to respond with the learning games-- and eager to cooperate -- couldn't ask for more. God has opened a wonderful door.

Learning Activities & Crafts

Waterpark trip

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