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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My Impressions

As we ride through beautiful rolling hills and see lots of countryside, abandoning our schedules, certain impressions come to mind.

Sunday morning in my quiet time -- I picked up Sacred Romance, a book Bethany had referred me to several years ago. I decided on this trip to do a re-read of this book. That's what I wanted for this trip just to soak up Jesus. Different thoughts have been imprinted on my mind.

If you're willing, I'll share them with you -- if not you can catch the next blog.

The verse, "If a man is thirsty let him come to me and drink" had jumped off the page in my reading that morning -- We went to Beale street Sunday evening where everybody is supposed to have such a great and glorious time -- Everybody was carrying some sort of drink . . . I couldn't help but notice so many empty faces - who didn't seem to be having such a grand time. Were they thirsty, but didn't know what they were thirsty for?

People still seem to be looking for a King.

'Not tied to a schedule and Baby Campbell still holding strong,* we decided to stay another day in Rolla, MO and went to Meramac Springs. Over and over we kept telling each other how glad we were to have found this place. 'Might go back tonight and look for deer.

What came to my mind was HE leads me beside still waters . . .

He restores my soul.

*** Baby update: Everything looks great -- Bethany just called from her perinatologist - where she goes to the weekly scans -- Baby is fine -- Bethany says
she's holding to her due date of this weekend -- the nurse tech reminded her that babies have a mind of their own.

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