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Tuesday, June 29, 2010


It was the fitting tribute for this courageous fallen soldier . . . Sgt. Andrew R. Looney . . .

Hundreds of people waving flags lined the corner of 86th and 129th Streets.

The Patriot Guard circled the school's drive. . .

Owasso Fire Department hoisted a gigantic flag from the ladder engine. .

Lots of remembrances by family, friends and a former principal . . .

There was a tribute given by the Army Casualty Assistance Officer . . . His words were, after spending time with the Looney family he could easily see that, Andrew who represented all seven of the Army's core values (Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Self-service, Honor, Integrity, Personal Courage) learned that early in his childhood. Andrew was posthumously promoted to Sgt.

A delegation of Gold Star Mothers supported the family . . .(Blue Star Mothers become Gold Star mothers when their sons or daughters give their lives in battle). .

Veterans attended in full dress -- one older gentleman was wearing flag shorts and shirt with his VFW cap.

Their words were all the same -- "Andrew was a small guy with big eyes and a big heart . . Andrew was more concerned for his fellow soldiers and serving his country than for himself . . . Andrew lived the life of a Christ follower."

They read his favorite scriptures . . . His brother Steven struggled with their favorite lines from Band of Brothers.

His Pastor's words resonated with me -- Andrew lived a concentrated and full life dying 5 days short of his 23rd birthday . . . He had accomplished the purpose for which he believed he was destined. He had lived well, with honor and courage. In quoting from the Apostle Paul's words to Timothy "Let no one despise your youth" -- he reminded young people in the audience -- to not neglect these years -- and to not minimize the importance of what they are able to accomplish while they are still young.

You made a lasting impression on your family, friends, teachers classmates and a host of others. Rest In Peace, Sgt. Looney

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