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Friday, December 18, 2009

'Tis the Season

It's 11 pm and the week is almost over -- at 4;30 the Christmas Season started for me!!!
To top it off our pregnant daughter is asleep upstairs in the guest room! I get to be momma again for a few hours! Her coming in got our holidays off to a grand start!

Bethany made some cookies and we three all crashed together in the den after dinner out (Mexican -- she was in the mood -- said Baby Good loves Mexican!) B & her dad worked on a project on the computer -

I'm sure we'll work in time out for coffee -- have to shop at least a little --

-- and we'll pick this up with the rest of them when we all descend on Marshall and Mat's parents, Jim & Jan Good, in Denver middle of the week -- thank you Lord for Christmas with our kids -- all of us together under one roof!

I'm READY for the holidays -- it's been a BUSY week --

My Marriage and Family living classes' mock weddings came off well, thanks to Terry's coming to officiate and teach the important parts of the ceremony.

--by 4:00 I had the bridal gowns taken back to the shop in Collinsville (THANK YOU SHERRY CAMPBELL of ALL DOLLED UP -- you're a doll!)

--BTW the students made unbelievable wedding cakes!

--my finals in three classes are graded and their semester grades already in the computer

-- my classroom is cleaned and ready for the big move when Marinelle and I switch rooms on the first day back after Christmas vacation
-- the banners for Sunday are almost done--

--there's practice for the Christmas presentation in the morning
--a few more shirts to tie-dye for the preschoolers
---a powerpoint presentation of the kids activities all year to complete --
---the banners to fully finish --

--I'm praying the children will WOW!!! the whole church with their sincerity and insight -- and that people will see Jesus from the eyes of a child.


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