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Sunday, October 18, 2009


We don't get to be with our grown kids as much as we'd like --so Fall Break was my refresher!!!
Terry and I got to spend time with Bethany and Mat and just relax. We lazed around their house, went out to eat, and enjoyed the scrumptious food they served up. (Every meal at their house is an event -- with time spent talking. . laughing and sharing.)

Bethany and I got our "girl time" and went shopping. I got a brief "momma fix" and maybe, just maybe, I can make it until our next visit.

If only Marshall weren't so far away! We sorely miss him! We call and txt. msg. but that's not like being together. Well, Christmas will be here soon and he's promised to take charge of one of the special celebrations for the WHOLE family when we get to Denver! Pray for good traveling weather or CHEAP air fares!!

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