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Friday, October 9, 2009



I love unusual signs. . . On a trip to Europe a few years ago -- I took pictures of the most unusual signs I could find. There was the one that said "Elderly People" . . . there were various sorts of signs that showed all kinds of twists and turns to the roads. . . there was the yellow caution triangle that showed a black sheep -- recently I came across these signs on line while preparing a class presentation.


It's been a week of varied discussions in both my Life Skills and Marriage & Family classes-- The topics ranged from Conflict Resolution, Communication, Anger Management, Resources, Goals and Decision-making (a lesson I am the most passionate about)

-- I give the topic of Decison-Making my utmost as I explain that "senioritis" is sure to hit -- as sure as February turns into March which welcomes SPRING BREAK. I go on to say that the nearer we get to graduation in May the more invincible the seniors seem to become and as a result some of the decisions they make reflect that.

I remind them that when they are out being wild and crazy with their friends the level of thinking usually falls to that of the wildest, zaniest person in the group and as a result this is not the time they make their best choices. I often add "an angry brain is not a smart brain" to urge them to slow down and not make major decisions when they are angry.

At the conclusion of the discussion, I ask them to write (anonomyously, of course) about the worst decision they have made and explain what the consequences were for them and the impact that decision had on others. They, then, are to write what they learned from all of it.

My objective is not to determine the scariest, wildest or the worst but to get them to think through life choices and realize that a three-second decision can affect them for a lifetime -- positively or negatively. For some, it's the first time they have ever thought about who else might have been impacted by their decision.

I want them to understand that we all (myself included) make "dumb" choices and even bad ones at times. When that happens, we pick ourselves up, make the necessary mid-course corrections and live differently and hopefully, much wiser. The questions is not what we did -- BUT, did we get any SMARTER?

Perhaps we could create signs that would warn them of some of life's pitfalls:

I don't know how much will resonate with them through the months and years to come.
I only hope they heard my heart and even half of what I said
. . . they are so very young!

I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you and watch over you. Psalm 32:8

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