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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Happy Birthday, Sydney Kate!!!

Sydney Kate -- where has the time gone? 

Wasn't it just yesterday we met you for the first time?

You have wound your tiny fingers around ours and have made your special own place in our heart of hearts.

You are the precious little girl who is so calm and relaxed . . .  yet has a million different expressions -- we never had to guess what was up with you!

You are the snuggler, the cuddler --the peace -KEEPER for all of us -- cuddling with you seems to make the whole world calmer.

You are. . the little sister that delights at your sister's antics as  you watch her for cues and you giggle at all her clowning   . . .

 Yes, your big sister is so proud of you and tries to take care of you -- even to the point of crawling in your crib and teaching you to jump on the bed. 


Papa and I can't get enough of you and are looking forward to doing life with you!

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