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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Forever Friends

With a Forever friend - you can pick up where you left off the last time you talked --
whether it has been 3 months or 3 years since you were last together and they don't have an attitude because it's been so long.

A Forever Friend knows your good points AND your bad and loves you anyway.

A Forever listens and listens and listens -- and waits patiently when even in your senior moments you can't remember WHAT you were talking about. (a much younger friend of mine calls it "circling the airport and can't figure out where to land.")

A Forever friend -- always thinks the best and wants the best for you -- no matter what.

I've been blessed with some special forever gal pals and

Charlene Bandy is a LIFE-LONG Forever Friend and I find these traits so true of her!
She has known me longer than any other friend -- and acknowledges all the special events in my life with a token that says she remembers.
Charlene was always there to help and support my parents when I was living 700+ miles away.

Trips home to family, always meant chances to visit with Charlene and her family.

 Growing up, a lot of times, we treated each other like sisters 

We'd bake at each other's houses and 
found we'd rather clean each other's room than our own.
We did lots projects together.  
Our mothers even coordinated our Christmas gifts
so we'd enjoy our times of playing together that much more.

first day of high school

 -- we shared our teenage years and wondered what the future would hold as we rattled on and on during those long walks or bike rides out in the country where we grew up..
Summer after our first year of college

We shared so many of our "firsts" --

We've listened and supported each other in the hard times-- offering counsel and help only when needed --we've mourned the loss of each of our parents and welcomed each others  new babies and grandbabies.

At one point in our weekend, I asked Charlene, if when we were young and playing "house", did we ever talk what it would be like to be a mommy or a grandma.

After two days of  nonstop talking and catching up --
laughing at things that only we thought were funny --
sharing the challenges we'd faced through the years--
spending time antiquing, shopping, cooking
crafting-- teaching each other our latest project 

we realized that we were doing all the things we did growing up.  

Bluebell ice cream and rhubarb cobbler -- perfect food while we revisited our past!

We share such a rich history of wonderful memories --it was a weekend that has been a long time coming and remains a true blessing!

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