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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Heel Healing Journey

The Israelites set up stones every time God did something and called it a new name – describing what God had done there.  I just blog – I don’t want to forget – I want to remember  --  I call blogging my electronic scrapbook – if it doesn’t interest whoever you are reading this – OK – it’s an impression and a Godwink that I don’t want to forget. 

2 1/2 months in a boot

It’s been a journey – Terry’s Spring schedule was lighter and when his February calendar cleared we agreed it was time to do SOMETHING about his increasing pain.  We’d been praying for a time of healing for him for some time. He started  swimming up that endless stream of medical tests, consultations, x-rays (each doctor had to do his own) and MRI’s.  We were daily thanking God for good insurance.
Now it goes without saying, he lives with LOTS of pain b/c of his rheumatoid and so much of this had gotten misdiagnosed – when x-rays didn’t reveal  anything – we just assumed it was the rheumatoid.

Finally, after the MRI – it was evident that his Achilles had torn b/c of spurs and growths that were developing on his heel – IT was an AHA!!! moment – a  “NO WONDER YOU CAN’T walk” kind of time.
One orthopedic earlier had even discounted that he needed crutches after an x-ray didn't show a bone problem. . .
This has been a season of excruciating pain – with T managing it the best he could – I read a pain chart with all those 1-10 numbers – 1 being, no pain – to 10 being,” I can’t function or think or do daily processes because it consumes me.”  Terry’s been hanging out about 6-8 – the pain draining all his reserve and emotional strength unable to walk upstairs and hobble.

Dr. B our orthopedic surgeon after seeing the MRI – said “YES, THIS IS VERY PAINFUL”  - and looked straight at T and said, “I BET YOU THOUGHT YOU WERE GOING TO BE A CRIPPLE THE REST OF YOUR LIFE DIDN’T YOU?”  “I’M GOING TO HAVE YOU DANCING!!!”  (Which was news for T since he says he can’t dance.)

One happy guy leaving the hospital (the happy meds were still kicking in here)-- T kept saying "I'm so glad to have this behind me"
My man is LONGSUFFERING – living with my man during these last 15 years of pain – I have seen a live demonstration a real definition of the word -- He keeps himself busy and redirects his focus -- though the fatigue of the rheumatoid and drain of the pain tries to slow him down.

It’s been a long journey  for Terry– God is bringing us through this ---the last six months have been hard.   We’ve been anxious to get test results and sometimes they were inconclusive or left T thinking it was all in his head.  It’s like I told Lora one day when we were talking over where we were in our situations, “God has us both in a waiting place.” 

he figured black would go with everything -- better than bright pink!
We’re coming through – HE is bringing us to a new place – with strong footing – biggest question Terry had for the surgeon –“ when can you get me back on my feet?”  “I’ve got to get to New York for a wedding in 4 weeks!”

So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand

can you guess who is a fan of the scooter????

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