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Sunday, April 7, 2013


               ... . . .  they are my do-over day -- when we get a fresh start -- a clean slate -- a new week and a new heart --

Sundays do that for me --

 family worship . . .

                 I love watching Campbell Hope singing with her Papa  and Sydney Kate chilling on her Daddy's lap taking it all in.

                  Today picking up Campbell from Sunday School for her Mommy she was stomping and singing  "If you're happy and you know it" -- well you know the rest!  Later when Bethany asked her what she learned in Sunday school she answered "mustaches"

 -- "Yep", she said "and M & M's and Jesus" -- It turned out those M & M's were Oreos and her teacher commented the Oreos made a mustache on her mouth. She LOVES her sweets and her Bible stories!

Sundays are about
                                  Praise and Worship time
..                                                        weekly communion ...
                                                                remembering Jesus .......

                                                                        That  puts my life back in the right perspective.

You know the verse that talks about people not being together in weekly worship saying that many had become ill or fallen asleep ---

I KNOW what happens to ME inwardly when I'm not in that special place on Sundays -- maybe I don't get physically ill --- but my attitude can sure get an attack of the "crabbies"  --  it's like small things become the MAIN thing -- instead of loving other people in their walk with Jesus

I like to think of it as celebrating the Resurrection each and every week -- NEW LIFE -- It brings Creation ENERGY to my week ----

I can live off Sundays for a looooooong time. . .

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