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Monday, November 12, 2012

It has been a wonderful weekend of family, faith and fellowship.
No, it's not  fireworks~
Getting to celebrate Terry's birthday with Bethany and Mat was really special.  Terry had both grandgirls to help him celebrate.             

Party Hearty!!!
Checking in at registration  Sat.Nov. 3
We wished Marshall and Katie could have been here, too  - but he is cramming for one of the biggest set of Board Exams he's had yet after returning from Los Angeles where he was presenting his research as one of the five selected nominees for the Vivien Thomas Research Award.
We have been in the new Church building a year on Saturday – we celebrated with a Mexican fiesta and lots of testimonies.  A month ago we launched a capitol gifts campaign to raise adequate funds to complete the remainder of the building.  The church is in a poorer section of town – we have a lot of people  with distressed incomes, no incomes or living on social security.  We set three goals a faith goal--80K, a hope goal-100K  and a love goal -120 K.    In reality no way did we think we would accomplish any of those goals – by yesterday morning we had surpassed our faith goal!!!!
My thoughts went to all that had transpired to bring us to this place . . .  
This week a verse from a tough time in ministry resurfaced in my morning study time – “Those who sow in tears with reap with joy and shouting.  Psa. 126  Yes!!!  That was us on Saturday night -- reaping in JOY to lots of funny stories and good food.    I remembered the picture one of our gifted artists at church, Jimi Pryor, had given us years ago during another difficult season – she named it “Good Harvest”.  

I love art with a meaning from people who are dear to us -- It took root in me and spoke to where we were at that time .... it put hope in my heart that the difficulties would pass and there would be a new season.   It did and now we're living it -- a Good- Harvest . . . 

the song, “For all that you’ve done, I will thank you –
For all that you’re going to do—
truly applies here.

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